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Swift surprised us

The Suzuki Swift is one of those cars that falls into many categories. In fact the Swift sport has steadily gained popularity in japan as of late.

Well, this leads us into something interesting. We found a Suzuki Swift, and not only that, it only has 28,000 km, or about 17,000 miles.

This is an absolute Time capsule of a car. There's virtually no issues from top to bottom, left to right, and the kilometers are so low, that it hasn't even hit any service threshold in its maintenance history.

The car ended up itself comes in numerous engine sizes, from 1.0, all the way up to 1.6.

We were a little bit on the luckier side as we were able to nab a 1.3 l variant.

This car is a full size car, as it is considered in Japan because it is not a Kei car , or micro car

And with that comes five doors, five seats, and despite this being the base model, it has many features including air conditioning, abs, and even power folding mirrors

More is going to be revealed on this amazing once in a lifetime find, as time goes on, but for now, stick with us on this amazing journey


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