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Really, it's simple.


We started off as 4 friends and the name "Touge Trial" which was an amazing experience but we soon realized nobody could find us organically as the name was just too hard for people to even pronounce, let alone associate or remember. 

2 members dropped off and 2 remained. Time to re-brand and drop the "TT" brand which will remain a fond memory to all of us. 

But what name to pick? What screams cars, merch, parts, JDM, reviews? What can encompass it all without something like "ROB & PETER DO CAR STUFF"?

Does it need to be obvious?


Sure, "That Dude In Blue" or even in some ways "donut media" do not really scream "JDM CAR CONTENT" but they got there in the early days. We still felt more comfort with a name that fit the subject matter. 

Thousands of kilometers away were just both happened to be talking about Sushi and the differences between sushi in Japan and Canada (as Peter was raised in Vancouver but has lived in Japan for over 4 years now). A rough connection on an international call, had us to mishearing each other, and in the chaos, the name SushiCars was born. Neither of us remember who came up with it, but, that's not important. 

SushiCars is instantly recognizable as a brand about Japanese cars and has some great merch opportunities. It was almost a joke when we tossed around the idea, but the more people we bounced it off, the more loved it. 

Who. We. Are.

Peter: Split between life in Vancouver & Japan Peter is the procurement specialist finding JDM rides for content and export to Vancouver and other locations. Need some parts or even a specific car, he is your guy. 

Rob: importing, parts sales and reviews, Rob is the go to for anything 4x4 related and does reviews and writes most of the blog content on our site as Editor in Chief. Even though he can't spell to save his life. 

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Lazy Horse Media 

538-5 Oyama Misaka





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