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To Own A Legend

Peter has given us the chance to offer up this JDM legend, the 2002 EP3 Type-R. This car comes from Mt. Fuji, Japan to Vancouver, Canada, in the fall of 2023 from Peter's own personal collection and will be subject to a full detail prior to sale (don't worry, we will scrub out all the "Peter" from the carpet......). With an original 160,000 kilometers this EP3 is exceptionally clean and has been loved it's entire life.


Priced at $32,499 Peter is sadly parting ways with this car to move on to a new project, but this car will remain amongst our all-time favorites 

The "Menu"

  • K20A - Made in Japan.

  • Original wrinkle red valve cover 

  • 5.8 seconds 0-100 (as tested, 5.52......)

  • Championship White 

  • Tight ratio LSD, 6 speed 

  • 1 of 1,464 units sold in Japan (EP3 - Type R's)

  • 1 of 327 in it's known spec 

  • Limited MOMO OE steering wheel

  • Limited Type-R brake calipers 

  • Stiffened chassis 

  • Thrilling, analogue driving experience 

  • Personal car from Peter's collection.

  • Landing November 2023, Vancouver, BC

  • HKS Mushroom and OE Intakes included (HKS intake new, June 2023, VTEC engagement it best through a CAI)

  • Brand new performance tires

  • Fresh OEM fluid change, Tokyo Honda - Japan

  • Ceramic coating - Gteqniq Exo V3 + CSL X 2 coats (TBI)

  • OE parts throughout, no expenses spared on maintenance over the years

  • Valid Shaken right up to it's last days before export, car has never failed a Shaken and has all stamps

  • Low K's - summer/night driven. 

  • Andriod-Auto double din installed, NTSC/PAL compatible 

  • G-Meter optional 

We also can provide 100% of parts needed for future ownership as we are able to source and sell internationally. Need a set of rare rims or JDM spec Finalist 595 Evo tires? Perhaps a period correct Mugen wing or lip kit?


We are happy to provide options later as needed to support you long after, or for anyone looking for "overnight parts from Japan" with our connections with Tokyo Street Garage (TSG), Ex-part, Endless, OKG, Croober and UPGARAGE.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-03 at 7.57.37 PM (3).jpeg

JDM K20A2 - Helical LSD - 6 SPEED MANUAL

Flawless OEM Interior. Type-R red. Android-Auto double-din. MoMo OEM wheel

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-03 at 7.57.36 PM.jpeg

"In 2001, Honda introduced the next generation of the Civic Type R as a unique 3-door hatchback to the UK market, which was manufactured in Swindon, England.



This European Domestic Market Civic Type R featured a 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine (K20A2) and the regular Type R treatment of seam welding, close-ratio 6-speed transmission and upgraded brakes, but did not include some of the other higher-end features such as the helical limited-slip differential and red Recaro race seats that were standard on the EK9.

However, Honda marketed a JDM (Japanese domestic market) version of the EP3 (which was exclusively manufactured in Swindon, UK and was shipped to Japan), which retained the highly renowned helical LSD similar to that of the EK9 and red Recaro race seats.


Other differences of the JDM model included a more track-oriented chassis/undercarriage settings as compared to the European model as well as a more powerful engine having a power output of 215 PS (158 kW; 212 hp) (designated K20A) had a fully-balanced crankshaft assembly with the different intake manifold, exhaust manifold, high-lift camshafts, high-compression pistons, chrome-moly flywheel and ECU programming.


All of the Japan-spec K20A Type R powertrains were built in Japan and shipped to the Swindon plant to be installed in the Japan-spec Type R EP3.


The JDM EP3 was also available in the traditional Type R Championship White while the European domestic market (EDM) version was not.


The EDM has more relaxed gear ratios and some high-rpm torque traded for low-rpm torque compared to the JDM variant."

In short. This is the Type-R to own.

6 speed high-mount shifter. Right at your finger-tips

"I always thought the EP3 had the shifter in such a silly place, then I drove one for the first time and I wondered why more cars don't do the same thing. Seated in the bucketed driver and matching passenger seats you are firmly planted where you need to be. Think about it, how many people are now adding shifter extensions and bringing the shifter up? Look at WRC cars, they all have the placement of the shifter up high, where it should be, just off the wheel right there for quick shifts and maximum control. In the EP3 Honda chose to have function over form and I applaud them for this, it results in all-around road command and awareness you need when you are focused on lap times or well-paced street driving."

Rob Teagle - Owner, SushiCars North America. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-03 at 7.58.46 PM (2).jpeg

Timeless classic - function and form in perfect balance 

Peter Said It Best

To put it as Peter has said over the years, "you know, there is just something about this classic red and black interior that just seems right, Honda really hit it out of the park with this concept and the pinnacle of that design theme was with the EP3.....


....the newer Type-R's all feel like they are doing red and black as a gimmick, this feels authentic, it's exciting. It's, it's the best cabin experience you can hope for and that's where you spend all your time. You don't drive a car from the parking lot looking at the front 3/4 view from a semi-crouch"

Peter Carotenuto - Owner, SushiCars Japan. 

2002 EP3 at home near the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-03 at 7.57.35 PM.jpeg

Dive into the video archive - check back soon for more

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