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THE M.R WAGON. An alto with style





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Unbeatable Reliability. 
Unmatched Personality.

The M.R Wagon or, sometimes called Mr. Wagon is, well, not a wagon at all. By all reasonable measures the US and Canada would call this little guy a......hatchback. For some strange marketing reason Japan thought otherwise. Well, maybe you they would have sold more if they named it correctly eh? 

Long story short, this little sheep wears wolf's clothing. It is, underneath, one of the most sold "kei" cars of all time, the alto. K6A under the hood, and all the reliability and dependability that goes with being the leader in kei cars. 

The "Menu"

  • K6A NA 3 Cylinder 660CC engine 

  • 2006 September build

  • 4 speed plus OD auto, even your grandma can handle this!

  • Right Hand Drive, of course

  • 4 seats, and plenty of room for your weekly grocery shop, ask us, we tried

  • Spec B maintenance package included (maint. is up to date, but nice to have, right?)

    • 1 X engine air filter​

    • 2 X oil filters

    • 1 X spark plug set 

    • 1 X serpentine belt

    • 1 X swag bag

  • 135K on the clock (barely 80K miles!)

  • Freshly installed DOT tires 

  • Freshly installed polished cat-back exhaust 

  • Local car, not auction trash. Found locally and fully inspected before purchase

We also can provide 100% of parts needed for future ownership as we are able to source and sell internationally. Need a set of rare rims or JDM spec Finalist 595 Evo tires? Perhaps a period correct Mugen wing or lip kit?


We are happy to provide options later as needed to support you long after, or for anyone looking for "overnight parts from Japan" with our connections with Tokyo Street Garage (TSG), Ex-part, Endless, OKG, Croober and UPGARAGE.


Clean factory look. These tires and maybe the rims are going to be replaced with some upgrades soon! 

Simple classic design that looks new to this day! Japan is so ahead of the game


It is just a fun car to own and drive, a breeze to park, a joy to be seen in, everyone loves this thing. Honestly, I have never had so many thumbs up from someone as driving a kei car. This will be a hit anywhere you take it. 


A Smart Place To Put The Shifter

You know, the shifter position being on the dash not by your feet, it just makes so much sense. All the legroom you never knew you wanted, but now, will never live without. Suzuki did well on this one, the simple controls, the massive air vents that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, everything just works as it should. How does North America not do this stuff!!!!!




No detail required here, this interior is mint, free from abuse or odor. Just a slight whiff of "Japan". 

Home near the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan


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