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Payment Notes:

Please Send E-Transfer Payments to and put your invoice number in the notes. 

Use Password SushiCars88, Lazy Horse Media, their employees, partners, affiliates, and owners, shall here forth be referred to as "" or "SushiCars" for the remainder of this agreement

Service Provision 

SushiCars will provide the service listed on the invoice, our usual vehicle delivery shall include;

  • Your new vehicle!

  • Delivery to us by car-carrier from a trusted local dealer (Japan purchase) or our own inventory.

  • Basic detail package (interior and exterior, clean, wash etc.)

  • 3rd party multi-point inspection in Japan where available (any findings or details published with listing or accepted AS IS)

  • Delivery to port for Ocean Freight if applicable. 

  • International Ocean Freight, included. Optional marine insurance is extra

  • Documentation required for import including

    • Bill of Lading,

    • Invoice from SushiCars 

    • Export Certificate (original, Japanese) and translated copy both included.

    • In-bond document where applicable shall be provided.

  • Detailed instruction on the simple steps to import in Canada (where to go, who to see, what to bring). 

  • List of brokers if you decide not to do it yourself (we encourage you to do it yourself and save the money!)

  • List of local recommended shops, people and other resources if you need anything along the way, or even for years after buying, to keep you happy for years to come as well. 



Vehicles shall be paid for by Electronic Fund Transfer from a Canadian Bank, or by wire. At this time, no other payment methods are accepted. In some cases, cash may be accepted, absolutely no checks, money orders or other forms of payment. 

Deposits on vehicles purchased covered under this agreement shall be paid as follows:

$2,000 (two thousand dollars Canadian) to reserve the vehicle and submit a deposit. Remaining balance to be due no less than 7 (seven) calendar days from date of deposit/invoice date. In the event that the full amount is not received within the timeframe above, SushiCars may not be able to secure the vehicle for the customer. If an extension is not granted by the seller in Japan, the customer shall receive a full refund, less $750 (seven hundred and fifty dollars Canadian) processing fee.

Payment extensions


If the customer places a deposit but fails to secure the full funds in time, in accordance with the schedule above, but needs more time to pay the remaining balance, SushiCars will contact the original seller in Japan and request the extension. If the extension is granted, the customer shall cover all costs associated with the extension. Any extension is subject to $350 (three hundred and fifty dollars Canadian) administration fee, where applicable. 

SushiCars cannot promise any extension will be granted and suggests ensuring complete funds are transferred in a timely manner to avoid additional complications., Lazy Horse Media, their employees, partners, affiliates, and owners, shall here forth be referred to as "" or "SushiCars" for the remainder of this agreement

It is our commitment to ensure that we do our best to find this information and disclose it to the customer as early as possible. At no time shall SushiCars attempt to defraud a customer by intentionally hiding damages, and shall do their best to achieve complete honesty through any inspections, observations or deductions from documents, physical condition or discussions with our own partners or others, or other methods. At no time shall SushiCars intentionally deceive the customer. The customer shall also be fully transparent in business and shall also agree to never deceive SushiCars, or it's officers and agents or any representative or partner, before, during or after the transaction.  Customers shall hereby accept that any damages fond which were not originally reported are either new in nature, or overlooked/missed in error, and shall bare full liability and responsibility for the condition of any vehicle purchased.


All sales are final unless otherwise declared on the invoice or in writing. 

I hereby agree to conduct business in a transparent manner, acting in good faith. I will not intentionally deceive or defraud 

I am aware that the condition of the vehicle, the timelines for freight services and and any all work required to import the purchased vehicle or items, or perform any service are my responsibility and mine alone. As the buyer, and purchaser of the items invoiced, or the services requested and performed by, I take full responsibility for the condition meeting my expectations and shall confirm all information with the seller, using as the agent of communication. The accuracy of that information, including condition, history and anything else, are mine to verify. 

No assumption of grade or condition my be used in assessment of the vehicle. As in, a vehicle noted as "Grade 4" shall still be subject to review and questions or otherwise assumed "as is". This is because there is no confirmed, legal, grading system which is recognized and enforced universally. A car which is given a grade is only an indication of the sellers inspection and observations and does not define specifics, drivability or other characteristics. 

Any act of god, natural disaster, or act of war, and the impact of those on me in regards to invoiced services or items, shall not be held against 

By signing this waiver I hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify SushiCars from any claims or chargeback unless permitted in the agreement, & Release SushiCars from any claim, issues or discrepancies relating to the purchase, it's condition or delivery. 

Please ask questions and inspect your vehicle as fully as possible prior to purchase. 


Market Average Deposits

In order to avoid losing a car purchase due to delays in funds, SushiCars may accept a "market average deposit" at the total amount quoted less $2,000 (two thousand dollars Canadian). 

This is to help customers secure the car they want, faster, as wire/EFT/EMT can take time to process to us, and then to the local dealer. 

The market average amount is a suggested amount to secure the vehicle based on local Japanese sales data and not a price guarantee. Customers will still be required to make a decision when a vehicle is found. No vehicle shall be purchased for the customer without their express written consent. The customer is in no way obligated to buy and is fully protected by the terms and conditions within this document and any agreements, written, in email or other, as arranged. 

Should a vehicle not be found within no less than 90 days, the customer may elect to retrieve the deposit or request to extend the term. The deposit shall be returned at the current exchange rate, less any fees or taxes if applicable and a $350 (three hundred and fifty dollars Canadian) admin fee. Customers are welcome to cancel this deposit at anytime. SushiCars will transfer the funds back to the customer as quickly as possible, and in no less than 10 business days. SushiCars is only required to transfer out the funds from our possession in that time. Receiving banks and financial institution holds will not be the responsibility of Same taxes and fees apply to voluntary withdraw of deposit. 

Shipping (Expectations)

Warning. Once a vehicle has shipped, there shall be no expectation of changing any information, such as consignor or addressee for any document, item or the vehicle itself. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure all address, name, contact information, is correct, when requested by or it's authorized agents. Any customer who plans to move or relocate, or does not have a fixed address at time of shipping, which may change during vehicle transit or within no less than 12 months from time of shipping, it strongly encouraged to use an address which is fixed. Any costs associated with a change or address, including failure to deliver documents or vehicle, shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Customers shall accept that while all best efforts are made by SushiCars to deliver their vehicle in the most timely manner possible, all vehicles using RORO (Roll On Roll Off) also known as "car carriers" or container loaded, while be subject to the schedules of the car carrier. SushiCars shall provide it's best and most honest estimation of shipping times, however delays to do war, disaster of natural or other nature, weather, volume or any other reason are not the responsibility of SushiCars. 

A general expectation may be that vehicles will take between 25 days and 70 days from leaving Sushicars Japan, and arriving at a port, such as Vancouver, BC, Canada. Other ports may be less or more but this is a normal and expected timeline in our experience, however sometimes may take longer. 

Once a vehicle has left the control of Sushicars, any further expenses shall be at the sole expense of the customer. 

At no time is it permitted for a customer to contact a shipping carrier, agent or service provider, other than SushiCars to inquire about their specific vehicle, as this relationship is to be exclusively maintained by SushiCars and it's agents or employees only. Contacting an agent or carrier directly may result in refused or cancelled services without any right or expectation to compensation or reimbursement/return or refund, based on the severity or the contact and communication and potential or actual damages. In some cases, SushiCars or it's parent company, Lazy Horse Media, may chose to pursue legal action against those who fail to adhere to this. 



SushiCars and Lazy Horse Media are primarily considered as a social media business, and also sell cars, parts and merchandise, along with services and other goods from time to time. We are not an importer for any country, for any commercial or personal goods, for any reason. Some agents, employees or associates may chose to import their own goods, and offer our consultation in service, however we are not to be considered an agent or any importation organization, group or company in anyway whatsoever. 

Referring to Sushicars, its owners, agents or partners, including parent company, may result in legal action against the customer. 

Sushicars will export the vehicle or parts from Japan or origin country, however the customer is solely responsible for their own import process to their destination country. 

Sushicars will assist in recommending a broker or service if required, however this recommendation is not to be seen in anyway as a partnership with that service. They are not an extension or affiliate of sushicars and as such, a third party to the sale. 

Vehicle Inspection 

Customers are responsible to ensure the vehicle is compliant and can be used for the purpose it was intended for. I.e., off-road vehicles without insurance, typically do not need inspection from a certified inspection shop or mechanic. Vehicles expected to be driven on the road, typically require a DOT, DMV, or other inspection prior to registration. SushiCars and its agents are not liable for if a vehicle can pass an inspection. 

We encourage the customer to find an inspection shop/facility/agent prior to purchase and consult them on the specifics of each car and what may be needed in modification or additional equipment to avoid complications. Typically this can be installing D.O.T tires, marker lights and daytime running lights, as an example. 

Note for British Columbia, Canada: In our experience each inspector can be different. Find someone who already has a Japanese Import (JDM) and ask them for guidance or call around some local shops to get a sense of which shops are willing to do the inspection, prior to the car landing in Canada. We found that this will ensure the most efficient spend of tow/transport from the port to the shop and avoid surprises.


As of November 2023 the BC Vehicle Inspection Facilities list (see below) lists many facilities which do not inspect Japanese vehicles and only do new cars or dealer cars. Please call first and tell them you have a Japanese import, and ask them what is normally required or see them in person to discuss.

Hourly Labor, where applicable. 

Sushicars has an hourly labor of $195 (one hundred and ninety five dollars Canadian) for anything which is applicable, unless otherwise specified. Invoices without labor are not subject to it, unless specifically stated in writing. This is not a hidden fee, it is our posted rate if required, and for use in such cases where cost recovery or legal actions are required. Minimum 4 hours per. 

Legal or 3rd party consultancy or other is billed at $1,500 per hour, 2 hour minimum. 

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