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What's Up With The Bunny?

Update 2023 SOLD

Affectionately known as the "bunny car" amongst the SushiCars crew, the Lapin (get it? French for rabbit...) is an exciting limited edition based on the well known Suzuki Alto.


The Alto (and it's many other sub-models and trims) sold well all over the world. Maybe you recognize the alto as a Cervo, Fronte, Mehran, or even the Marui A-Star, City, baby......TT, 800, GLOW, or Works, the list goes on.


What is important here is this is a world renowned Kei car, trusted by millions, in arguably the best possible configuration available in Canada right now.  The Lapin, HE21S version is also sold as a Mazda Spiano. Tried and true engineering from Suzuki and Mazda in this perfectly balanced, spaciously compact 5 door. 


Priced at $10,499 (SOLD) We have enjoyed this car in Japan and it has now shipped to Rob in Canada to review and enjoy before it moves on to a new owner. 

The "Menu"

  • K6A Engine - I3 DOHC - Made in Japan. 

  • Automatic column shift 

  • Seats 4 (you can easily fit 5 by the way....)

  • Flat folding rear seats and cube style roof, maximizing storage

  • Averages around 3-4L/100KM 

  • 74,000KMs - ultra-low millage 

  • Chocolat edition package (chrome badges, special trim, garnish, etc.)

  • Crystal Black.  

  • Alto Special Edition interior

  • HE21S Model - 

  • Facelift model, rare "challenger" style OE grill and lights 

  • Fresh Federal & Provincial inspection 

  • New brakes all round + extensively documented history (see our YouTube and blogs) 

  • Thrilling to drive, a pleasure to own, low maintenance cost and fuel consumption. No need to go electric when fuel use is this low!

  • No shortage of smiles per gallon 

  • Curb weight only 820KGs! Lighter than your grandmas 95 civic CX

We also can provide 100% of parts needed for future ownership as we are able to source and sell internationally. Need a set of rare rims or JDM spec Finalist 595 Evo tires? Perhaps a roof rack or wind-deflectors? We have you covered. 


We are happy to provide options later as needed to support you long after, or for anyone looking for "overnight parts from Japan" with our connections with Tokyo Street Garage (TSG), Ex-part, Endless, OKG, Croober and UPGARAGE.


Optional RPM gauge provides sporty feel


"bunny" theme throughout. It's all in the details with this car



"The Suzuki Lapin is a kei car with a five-door hatchback body, manufactured since 2002 by Suzuki for the Japanese market only, and was also marketed in Japan only by Mazda as Mazda Spiano under an OEM agreement through their Autozam stores until 2008.


It is based on Suzuki's popular Alto kei car.

The Lapin has a very distinctive, boxy shape, that apparently proved popular with female buyers.


The name "Lapin" stems from the French word for "rabbit", and the car sports rabbit-head badges.


The Mazda version has differences concerning some styling details, including a different front end.

The Alto Lapin was awarded the 2008 Japanese Good Design Award.[1]"



Bunny theme even extends to the optional OE badging!

From G-Mark Archives (Translation available for those with any issues with Chrome)






四輪技術本部 第ニカーライン


四輪技術本部 第ニカーライン チーフデザイナー























Upgraded wheels and new tires installed, Tokyo, Japan

What We Have To Say 

The Lapin puts a smile on your face every time you see or drive it. A fun city buzz, confidence not worrying about charging an EV, just gas up and go and yet still enjoy a low running cost. 

The Lapin, and any Alto are cheap to maintain and parts are plentiful. As a Suzuki product many parts can be sourced locally through dealers in Canada, or you can go through SushiCars or other JDM specialists if you so desire. 

Given the 3 cylinder engine this car has pep and you feel that through the conventional steering and suspension. Thanks to low KMs, this car is still tight feeling and there are no rattles and clanks that you might get from a 200,000KM civic of a similar "vintage"

The chocolat options and trim, combined with the crystal black paint, new tires brakes and rims and punchy/sporty grill all give this car it's excitement. We are yet to get so many people walk up and want to know more about one of our Kei cars as this one, it is a crowd pleaser for sure which has generated a lot of buzz on our Social Media too! 

A handsome beast, ready for pickup prior to export at Mt. Fuji, Japan


Dive into the video archive - check back soon for more

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