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The last best sports car?

Over the years we've seen cars get out of control when it comes to pricing. FD Mazda RX7, $26,000 for a rat bagged specimen.

All the way up to seeing GTRs move for half a million dollars.

It leads us to question, what cars are left for us enthusiasts to play with?

Mitsubishi GTO vr4?

Old and getting hard to find. This was a car designed... In the 80s

Plymouth Grand national?

This had a turbo, did you know that?

Even, what I personally thought was one of the last man standing, was the Mazda miata, but since 2012, has just gotten completely overpriced, NA, all the way through ND.

So this led me to rethink things once I stumbled across the MR-S, or, "the bad MR2"

Yes it has a mid rear engine, yes it doesn't have a turbo, but it stands as one of the last vehicles I can think of with this platform.

Engine placement aside, this is one of the only rear wheel drive, manual, two-seater sports coupes with a convertible top that sits at any sort of modern year, Del Sol's excluded.

You can get these for around $4,000 bucks, they have a modest amount of kilometers, and exist as one of the final sports cars that hasn't blown up Beyond attainability

Needless to say you might find something intermedia in the coming year, but, for now, let's just marvel at the low price tag of this amazing vehicle


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