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The GTR of Kei cars

If you guys don't know if the Suzuki alto works by now, this car definitely warrants a second look

With a turbocharged 600cc engine, manual, all wheel drive, and the widest wheels you could put on a kei car.. this truly is the GTR of this category of vehicle

To give you some context, all Kei cars at their core, have the exact same engine. The cars can be turbocharged, supercharged, electric assist, dohc, sohc, whatever you like, but they cannot exceed 660 CC

So the works goes further and gives you sports suspension, stock sports exhaust, lightweight aluminum wheels, and even a pair of Recaro seats standard, to give you the best driving experience possible.

Kei cars need to do little things like this to set them aside from other vehicles as the power plants of this sector are standardized and no one has anyone up on each other

On a personal note, we have been thinking pretty seriously about bringing one of these cars in. In terms of micro vehicles such as these, it simply just doesn't get any better. It can't. This has the highest power output, the most amount of driving creature comforts, and pushes the limits, both literally and legally, and maximizes every single metric of what Kei cars are able to offer

The Suzuki Alto works, truly is the GTR of the Kei world


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