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Mustang who? It's all about the Bunny.

We all know about the mighty Mustang, and the Super Snake, but alongside those two mighty creatures, lurks a more docile and timid animal.. we're talking about the the bunny rabbit.

In french, rabbit, or bunny is Lapin.

This is actually somewhat of a hidden variant of a very normal car, the Suzuki Alto.

While the Alto it's quite the vanilla car, and it's inherent form, the Lapin variant is stylistically overhauled.

With its Dodge Challenger muscle car-esque front end, and perfect proportions, this car is suited for nearly anybody who comes across it.

Under the hood (yes, an actual hood, which is a rare sight on kei cars) features a Suzuki k6a engine, which incidentally is the same engine that is found in the Suzuki Cappuccino.

Except in this car, it is laid transversely as it is a front-wheel drive vehicle.

The interior is a work of art. It may look simplistic at first, but as you dive deeper, the subtleties start to shine. There's a user swappable clock with a harness that allows for an SS tachometer to be installed.

The dashboard features a piece of faux Birchwood that runs the entire length.

Oh, and did we mention the bunny print?

The signature rabbit ears can be found virtually anywhere on this vehicle, from the door cards, armrest, headrest, all the badges, wheel caps, steering wheel, and conceivably any other place you can think of.

It's a touch that gives the car a great deal of character, something that has been lost in this most recent generation of vehicles.

This car seems to be one of those cars that is for, everyone.

Gone are the times of cars being categorized as "manly", "a chick car" or "just too weird" ... Although, the latter pretty much sums up the PT cruiser.. which we can't seem to forgive just yet.

But when all is said and done, this car is fast, peppy, practical, fun, and absolutely dripping with style.

We have a multi-part miniseries on this very car, and it will subsequently be sent over to rob in Vancouver in the coming months

Stay tuned everyone.

Bargain or Bust: Bargain

Overall Rating: 7.5 /10

Expected Purchase Price (Canada): $5,000 - 10,000

Noteworthy Features: Acceleration, practical, gas efficient, character.

Full Feature Video Here:

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