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Car culture in Japan is crazy

Whether you're in the streets of tokyo, or the outskirts of Mount fuji, car culture in Japan is absolutely insane.

From obnoxious wings, to police style flashing lights, it never ceases to amaze.

Lowering your car however, is country agnostic. It doesn't matter which country you go to on earth, people slam their cars, sometimes a little too low.

Today's specimen is an absolutely slammed beetle. As it backed into the spot, I could hear the scraping body on the gravel below.

The rear had all sorts of stickers like, slow-moving vehicle, beetle club, etc

The car also looked intentionally rusted or at least aesthetically made to appear as such.

Whether you're taking your child to daycare, or meeting up for a car meet, and anything in between, the loyalty and dedication of car enthusiasts is incredibly admirable.



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