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R32 GTR Skyline Fujitsubo Getter Exhaust Install

Not Sponsored. No reward was given in exchange for this article or video, solely produced by SushiCars Inc as proud supporters of high quality parts.

On today's episode Ken puts a new exhaust on his R32 GT-R in his garage. Jump to the end for our feature video and how to

We love Fujitsubo and everything they make, when it comes to exhaust brands, especially for JDM cars, they are as OG as they come.

A main selling point of the Fujitsubo exhaust line is the craftsmanship. Each exhaust is inspected by hand, multiple times during the production process, by people who have a incredibly high degree of care and attention.

fujitsubo exhaust, skyline, install
meat removal eh? hmmm

The makers are more craftsman (and...craftswomen?) than fabricators, even when using robotics, the care and pride is there that you just don't see in many car parts these days.

They have an absolutely killer mission statement: "FUJITSUBO's spirit is always "to create the best products". Since its founding in 1931, it has never changed. "Best Product". We think that it is not only high performance and high quality as parts such as mufflers and exhaust manifolds, but also products that incorporate human sensibility. We conduct research and development that integrates everything from people, cars, society, and the environment, and aim to create products with rich sensibility and intelligence."

That is just part of what makes these parts so sought-after. Fun fact: they deburr the inside of each exhaust to ensure the smoothest possible airflow. Take a look inside your Flowmaster 44, you won't see that there from factory.

Let's take a look at the install here:

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