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How to: Nissan Xterra Cabin Air Filter (most cars work this way!)

So, you want to change your cabin air filter and don't want to pay a premium? Yeah, we get it. Been there, done that. We wanted to throw this little post your way so that you can save some money too. Hit the link for the YouTube tutorial on our Nissan Xterra, but this principal works for the majority of cars out there. Trust us!

The basic steps are as follows for most cars, JDM, domestic and many euros.

  • Open and empty glove box

  • Locate the tabs on either side, normally just two, that also act as stoppers, preventing the glovebox from opening too far

  • push them in towards the center, of the glove box, relieving the pressure, they are normally only about 1/4 inch long each. Try one at a time

  • Glove box will drop down, normally there is a cord or strut holding it on still. Disconnect this. ***pro tip, be gentle with old plastic, take your time here***

  • Find the air box, locate the plastic door/cover. Normally a push tab is holding it in

  • Open, see the air filter, remove and replace, repeat steps in reverse to complete.

  • Never soak with air fresher, trust matter how tempting, DON'T DO IT PEOPLE

If those tips on this HOW TO or the video didn't solve your issue, your cabin air filter may be somewhere else, in a few cases, like the E46 BMW's, it is on the firewall on the engine side, either way, drop us a message, comment or email and we will help you out, or head to the forum and find/start a thread.



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