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Tuner Society EP3 Type R | Scam?

The SushiCars team loves value for money. We all do.

Getting some merch we like and a chance to win a real JDM Honda Civic EP3 Type R too, well that seems too good to miss out on, doesn't it?

Is it real or are they shady, fake, scammers?
TunerSociety EP3


Probably because these absolutely scream FAKE, SCAM!

Is it real or are they shady, fake, scammers?
Tuner Society

Still, there is a chance we could win right? We will at least get some cool merch, yes?

Let's go a bit deeper into my experience shall we?

After browsing the site on and off for 20 minutes I finally picked a few items and said "f*ck it - let's send it". I filled out the normal boxes thanks to Samsung auto-fill (that is the single most dangerous feature ever!) and typed in the credit card CVV, boom. Off she goes.

Moments later I get a confirmation order.

Is it too early to shop for wheels and tires at this point? LOL.

Well, since our order is only just placed we expect to find out how good the quality of the merch is in a few short days, and we will update you then, but for now, let's get back to the legitimacy question, shall we?

Invoice scam fake give-away giveaway
Invoice, TunerSociety

So, with our order placed it is time to hurry up and wait.

Then, and only then do I really start wondering how legit this company is.

<digression> It is always the case when something good is possible, we, as humans, question it. That is human nature. We believe in the bad right away, without question most of the time. The good, we doubt that. Couldn't be! IMPOSSIBLE! MUST BE A SCAM!!!!!! Very few people believe something sweet can come our way. Probably one of the many challenges these companies face.

TunerSociety Giveaway TSG-001 merch fake scam
What we fully expect to receive from them. There will be an update soon!

However something funny happened which resolved most of my concerns right then and there. I had a chance to speak to the owner and founder of the company.

How did that happen?

See, on our original order with this Canadian start-up, we noticed a mistake on the invoice.

Free shipping was not applied, the discount code didn't work.

Well, what am I going to do? from the website there is no easy contact option for a customer service agent. I decided to go about my day and pay the consequences for my stupidity by moving on with life. Always a visa dispute right?

Ep3 Civic Honda giveaway TunerSociety 80Eighty Fake scam giveaway real legit?
TunerSociety EP3 Type R Civic Sweepstakes Prize , Real or Fake?

Editors Note: I can tell you honestly at this point I really started to question the site legitimacy and almost joined all of the haters and naysayers!

As luck would have it (by luck, I mean directed, intelligent marketing, thanks google.....) I was on social media and saw a post for Tuner Society and the EP3 giveaway.

I saw comments on there and noticed the company was actively responding. "Hmmm.....I shall throw a comment on there about my order".

Jump forward an hour and the owner has contacted me asking for my number to discuss the concern. Hmmm, interesting!

TunerSociety Tuner Society 80Eighty giveaway GCG civic honda canada
Tuner Society Called us and yes, we think they are legit

TunerSociety Tuner Society 80Eighty giveaway GCG civic honda canada
Tuner Society Chat

After almost a full 5 minute call, I have to say I was very impressed with Valter (I am told it is Portuguese) and his genuine passion for what he is doing, and what he is bringing to Canada. There was not one single flaw in what he said, no false claims or easily disprovable statements, just a guy trying to make it, and make others lives better in the process, that is what I concluded.

After the call there was an adjusted invoice sent promptly, and a refund too for the original. Everything this far has been handled as I would expect it to be. You have to think to yourself at this point, "why go to all that effort if you are ripping someone off?"


Right. Well, still, we didn't win a car yet, so, what if he sells the merch but just gives the car to a friend, or, nobody?

Ep3 civic decals giveaway real fake scam legit contest canada Is it real or are they shady, fake, scammers?
Ep3 sitting clean with some nice Mugen parts, decals and livery applied

Well, we dove into that a little more too. See, in the T&C on you can scroll all the way down and find out some more information.

The sponsor seems to be Aaliak Consulting Ltd, - a verifiable and legitimate company, but more important is the administrator.

These guys are one of the bigger companies, if not the company to go to for running a sweepstakes, and they happen to have many high-profile clients on their account list like Walmart, Kia, Lexus, NBC and more. So, so far so good. .

What are your odds? Simply put, "Odds of winning the grand prize (the “Grand Prize”) will depend upon the total number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period"

Our perspective?

Well. as some famous, overly-quoted hockey player once said "you miss 100% of shots you don't take".

What's The Verdict?: Tuner Society Scam? No. We think not.

While we did not yet receive our merch (only ordered yesterday!) this seems like a very promising new venture for a local Canadian company who for once is brining something great to us, instead of the US!

One thing is for sure. If we do not support Canadian operations like this, the opportunities like this will not be there for us to enjoy.

Stop hating, stop wondering, and get on over an buy a shirt or something for the lady in your life.

We are excited to see more from Valter and and later, follow the winner after the announcement goes out.

We will keep you up to date as things progress. Stay tuned for more!

*This article is not sponsored or endorsed in any way* SushiCars is not a sponsor or affiliate of any-sort whatsoever with, their respective owners or any family or affiliate of theirs.

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