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This is an ETC Card reader from Japan. 

Various announcements and notification functions

It will give you all the authentic feel of owning a JDM car. 


Imagine you are in Initial D or cruising the wangan with this JDM ETC Card Reader for your car! just needs an ignition and ground, no need to install the antenna unless you are using this in Japan or want it for looks! 

ETC 2.0 service per car unit alone. Compatible with new security standards. ・We do not support the service received by the image display function or image display.
Will be compatible with new highway rate discounts from ETC 2.0.
The audio communicates the information needed by the driver, such as assistance in avoiding traffic jams, and driving safely.

The antenna is compatible with windshield and dashboard mounts, and can be used in a wide ariety of vehicles.
Easy to use front control button, large LED with excellent visibility
Card eject, voice/LED, buzzer/LED mode switch, history, volume adjustment, expiration date notification, unforgettable warning, and VICS information can be turned on and off.
Various announcements and notification functions
Highway usage fee guide, VICS information, unforgettable prevention function, ETC card expiration date notification, history confirmation (ETC usage history, VICS history, error history)
DC 12 V/24 V for both passenger cars, large cars, and four wheelers.

ETC Card Reader - Stock Brand

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